Novum musica 2017

Novum Musica is a unique opportunity for emerging composers to have musica intima workshop their compositions.

Primarily targeted at students and emerging composers, Novum Musica is also open to composers who are new at writing for voice.

Composers of the works selected will receive professional feedback on their previously unperformed contemporary choral compositions by experts in the field of voice and composition.

How it works

  1. Composers submit an unperformed contemporary choral composition.
  2. A selection committee reviews the compositions.
  3. Selected compositions are workshopped by us—a professional vocal ensemble—with the composers on Friday, April 7 in Vancouver.

Important dates in 2017

  • January 9 | Application Deadline. The period to submit compositions ends at 5pm (Pacific Time).
  • February 27. Selection committee notifies composers of their status.
  • April 7. Novum musica workshop takes place with musica intima ensemble in Vancouver. Composers can participate via video conferencing.

Composition requirements

Compositions must:

  • Be new works that are previously unreleased and haven't been professionally performed or recorded.
  • Be scored for a cappella in SATB voicing for no more than eight singers; two singers per section.
  • Not exceed eight minutes in duration.

Additional requirements

Applicants are asked to also submit:

  • A recording of the piece (live singers or MIDI acceptable)
  • The complete score (PDF)
  • CV


To submit your ambitious contemporary choral composition, gather the various requirements and send them to musica intima's Artistic Manager Joanna Dundas: