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The winner of Classical Recording of the Year at the 2010 Western Canadian Music Awards, nominated for two Juno Awards, and given a 10 star review in BBC Music Magazine! musica intima was inspired to record into light, a Canadian choral music CD, after performing at the Polyfollia festival in France in 2006. We were asked to perform music from North America, and although we had always performed and commissioned Canadian works, we were challenged to find pieces that could not only stand up to their European counterparts, but could also come together to create a cohesive concert experience. To our surprise and delight, the Canadian selections were very well received and admired. musica intima found its voice in the international choral scene with Canadian compositions and we have since made them a staple of our local and touring repertoire; into light is a celebration of this music.



Track Listing




Ave Verum Corpus — Imant Raminsh
Three Hymns – i. First Hymn — R. Murray Schafer
Three Hymns – ii. Second Hymn — R. Murray Schafer
Three Hymns – iii. Third Hymn — R. Murray Schafer
Agneau de Dieu — Rupert Lang
Jesus erbarme dich — Claude Vivier
Exaudi — Jocelyn Morlock
Earth Teach Me — Rupert Lang
Salish Song — Derek Healey
Inuit Hunting Song — Derek Healey
Ice — Bruce Sled
On Monsieur’s Departure — Jeffrey Ryan
Love — Rodney Sharman
Le Pont Mirabeau — Lionel Daunais