our composers

2013  S’cheil  Edward Henderson

2013  X’als  Imant Raminsh 

2010  Life Opera  Peter Hannan    

2008  On Monsieur’s Departure  Jeffery Ryan

2006  Punjabi Market  Amy Stephen

2005  Rethink Forever  Peter Hannan

2004  Exaudi  Jocelyn Morlock

2003  Les animaux de tout le monde  José Evangelista

2002  Deep in the hearts is where we are one  Keith Hamel

2001  Sérénade  Craig Galbraith   


co-commissioned with Vancouver New Music

2000  Venus in the Sky  Jon Siddall

2000  Music, According to Aquinus John Rea

2000  O Fortuna  Jaqueline Leggatt

2000  the city of grenada on the surface of mars  Peter Hannan