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Songs for a Winter's Night

Featuring four new in-house arrangements by members of musica intima, Songs for a Winter's Night offers fresh vocal takes on traditional Christmas favourites, and Canadian classics.

  • Birthday of a King (Arr. S. Raman)
  • Song for a Winter's Night (Arr. J. Gramit)
  • God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen (Arr. C. J. Price)
  • Silent Night (Arr. L. Price)

Release Date: November 30, 2018 - this item will ship on November. 30, 2018.

Thirst CD Cover


Contemporary vocal ensemble, musica intima, joins with the instrumental clout of the Turning Point Ensemble for its first-ever collaboration CD: Thirst. The ensembles perform dynamic repertoire by two internationally acclaimed composers: Ana Sokolović from Montreal and New York City’s Julia Wolfe.

20 CD Cover


Lush harmonies, intricate arrangements and soaring melodies have been the foundation of musica intima's recordings. Over the years, musica intima has relished performing and recording choral music from all time periods. They are especially known for championing contemporary Canadian music and finding little-known works that have now become popular choral gems. Coupled with a tradition of in-house arrangements by the members of musica intima, the music on this CD represents the best and most popular recordings by musica intima over the last 20 years.



Into Light CD Cover

into light

The winner of Classical Recording of the Year at the 2010 Western Canadian Music Awards, nominated for two Juno Awards, and given a 10 star review in BBC Music Magazine! musica intima was inspired to record into light, a Canadian choral music CD, after performing at the Polyfollia festival in France in 2006. We were asked to perform music from North America, and although we had always performed and commissioned Canadian works, we were challenged to find pieces that could not only stand up to their European counterparts, but could also come together to create a cohesive concert experience. To our surprise and delight, the Canadian selections were very well received and admired.

O Nata Lux Cover

o nata lux

If you loved 'nativité', you'll be blown away by musica intima’s latest Christmas album, o nata lux. Invite the signature sound of musica intima into your home this season with an uplifting collection from Canada's most outstanding vocal ensemble. o nata lux features compositions such as Angels from Heaven Came by the ensemble's own Jonathan Quick, Lux Aurumque by celebrated composer Eric Whitacre, and Jesus Christ the Apple Tree by Elizabeth Poston.




Tormis: Forgotten Peoples

By turns lyrical and primal, haunting and hypnotic, Estonian composer Veljo Tormis' choral works marry traditional Estonian folk melodies with contemporary but accessible harmonies. The songs on musica intima's "Forgotten Peoples" CD emerge from both Christian traditions and pre-Christian folklore, painting soundscapes of midsummer bonfires (Jaanilaulud), autumn scenes (Sügismaastikud), and northern lights (Virmalised). The rarely-performed Vepsa rajad (Vepsian Paths) revives ancient folk tunes from the nearly-extinct Vepsian heritage. Beneath their apparent simplicity and charm lies a richness and complexity that rewards repeat hearings.



"invocation", our highly anticipated recording of 20th-Century sacred music, was released world-wide in December 2001. The programme includes works by Urmas Sisask, Arvo Pärt, Stephen Chatman, and others.



Nativité CD cover


Nativité is back after selling out in the 2015-16 season!

First released by CBC Music in 2002, Nativité was nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award. Repertoire on this holiday record includes Ave Maria, O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, Huron Carol and Lully, lullam as well as some wonderful arrangements by ensemble members Jonathan Quick and Derrick Christian. 




musica intima

musica intima's Juno Award-nominated, self-titled debut recording features exceptional compositions from five centuries and nine countries, this recording captures the dramatic interpretations and expression for which musica intima is renowned.